Don't leave your data in the fire

Ashes exports your Campfire data into a beautiful archive.

Campfire chats downloading from the cloud to a computer.

We love 37signals. Our team uses Campfire™ chat rooms for everything from meeting with clients to random discussions around the water cooler. Over the years, there's been a lot of work done and a lot of fun. It's all there, right in the transcripts on Campfire's servers.

Your data belongs with you, not just in the cloud.

For just a few bucks, Ashes will liberate your Campfire history. Export any or all of it into a beautiful archive that you keep. Read it, search it, enjoy it, and relax, knowing it's in your control.

Once the export is done, get rid of the evidence and reclaim some storage space—if you'd like, Ashes can delete whatever it has exported from your Campfire account, at no extra charge!

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Archive Your Data

Sleep better at night knowing you have your own backup of your data. With a few clicks you can backup the entire history of all of your rooms.

Create A Project History

Wrapping up a project with a client? Export your Campfire room into a beautiful deliverable. Check out a sample

Export Your Uploads

Want all those hilarious gifs in one place? Ashes saves all your uploads with your transcripts. Now you'll have all those angry cats in one place.